HE25 engine

Scalable Environment

HeroEngine framework is used by top developers of Simulations, MMO games, virtual worlds, and social games.
HE25 cloud

Real-time Simulations

A complete suite for 3D game making tools, so that game developers remain focused on building great games.
HE25 games

Game Development

We manage servers, bandwidth, hosting, billing, etc. so our developer clients do not have to.
HE25 ed

HeroCloud for Academia

We provide educators with the all-in-one ready to use platform needed, so they can focus on education.

Company History

    2019-present Idea Fabrik and TGS Tech Partnerhsip
    Idea Fabrik and TGS Tech form a new Strategic Operating Partnership.
    2017 Idea Fabrik acquires The Repopulation
    Idea Fabrik, PLC. acquires The Repopulation from Above and Beyond Technologies.
    2015 The Repopulation Steam Early Access
    The Repopulation released for early access on Steam.
    2014 The Elder Scrolls Online Released
    Bioware/Zenimax launches Elder Scrolls Online to the public.
    2012 HeroEngine2 Released
    Idea Fabrik unveils new cutting-edge features to its All-In-One game development platform.
    2011 HeroCloud Platform
    Idea Fabrik announces the HeroCloud platform based on HeroEngine Technology.
    2011 Starwars The Old Republic Released
    BioWare and LucasArts brings Star Wars: The old Republic launch.
    2010 HeroEngine Revealed
    Idea Fabrik unveils the HeroEngine platform to the public for sales.
    2009 Idea Fabrik, PLC Incorporated
    Idea Fabrik PLC incorporated on December 9th 2009.



Testimonials from our valued Clients who used HeroEngine to build great games.
mon eagames

EA Games/BioWare

"HeroEngine provides a powerful, flexible paradigm for content development that I have not seen elsewhere. No other middleware that we evaluated offered the level of prototyping power that HeroEngine offers. It enabled us to build a game from scratch very quickly." -Technical Director of BioWare Austin. 
mon FI Logo

Forever Interactive

"This API alone has allowed us to have an amazing workflow with some ends of development and is a big reason as to why we are able to exist as a collocated team across not only the US, but other countries as well." -Steve Chepp
mon tgs

Triad Game Studios

"HeroEngine, allows us to prototype, build, and test on a single platform, without the concern of build revisions. This allows us to work with our developers around the world in real time, increasing our development time exponentially." -Craig Bond
mon zeni

Zenimax Online/Bethesda

“ZeniMax Online selected HeroEngine because we determined it will serve our needs best. That fact that we can get up and running with meaningful art and content in the near term makes the HeroEngine a perfect fit for us.” -President of ZeniMax Online 
mon straybullet logo

Stray Bullet Games

“HeroEngine allows us to spend our time thinking of fun and challenging gameplay. We find the User Interface to be intuitive, so Designers are wrestling with ‘Is the idea fun?’ rather than ‘How do I do this?’” -Stray Bullet Games
mon blank