repop greenlightThe Repopulation is now campaigning to be GreenLit on Steam

    The new Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns are now both launched. Both are excellent tools for gaining outside exposure and we look forward to seeing a few new eyes around here the next 4 weeks. In the next 4 weeks we will be focusing a bit more heavily on getting the word out and you will see a lot more gameplay videos out as a result of this process. We have many features that have not been covered yet in a gameplay video and the older videos will be revamped as well.

    The Kickstarter Campaign primarily is focused on Stretch Goals. We set a similar goal to what we reached in the initial Kickstarter campaign (50k) and then set a series of Stretch Goals past that point. The extra funding will allow us to better allocate resources and personnel to add the features listed without having a major impact on milestones moving toward release. Along with these stretch goals, we will be able to add and polish more content before release so every extra $$ will not be strictly going to these stretch goals. There are quite a few and many of them are legitimately reachable so we encourage you to checkout the Kickstarter page for more info about them. For those who previously backed us, there is a Package Upgrade “Bump-Up” available as well and we will need as much support as we can get to reach the stretch goals.

    The Greenlight Campaign is a great tool to get exposure outside of the communities that we have been targeting for the past few years. Also, it is a great tool for Indy developers to gain exposure, receive feedback, and could lead to Steam integration later if we are Greenlit. For many who cannot contribute to the Kickstarter campaign the Greenlight campaign is an excellent opportunity to lend us your support by voting yes and leaving a comment or two. In additional, let your friends know about the Greenlight Campaign so they can vote yes as well. The more active the Greenlight page the more eyes it will attract and the more exposure we will gain. If we happen to reach a certain threshold the project will get Greenlit, which is also great for exposure and even more media coverage. If we are Greenlit it won’t require Steam to play the game, but simply allows us to add it as a payment option.




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