xilogos1iLogos and Idea Fabrik Establish Strategic Partnership for Creation of 3D Game Objects for Hero Engine and Hero Cloud

Leaders of the game development industry are joining their efforts to create unique technologies and innovative solutions. Idea Fabrik PLC (Boerse Berlin GB00B61CVK31, TI4.BE), the company behind HeroEngine and HeroCloud and iLogos, Europe’s

leading company for game development and game graphics services, have announced the establishment of a strategic partnership that will create a critical time- and effort-saving resource for game developers.

The partnership will produce high-quality 3D objects and 3D graphics across a variety of game genres and will allow for seamless transition of these ready-made assets into the engine, effectively reducing the time, cost and effort for making an online game.

HeroEngine is the technology used by triple-A games studios for creating virtual worlds, 3D-MMOGs and 3D social games. More than 7’000 game projects are already using the technology, including BioWare, the creators of ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’, one of the most popular 3D-MMORPG ever created.

HeroCloud is an all-in-one technology platform for smaller independent studios making online games. The HeroCloud service provides full access to the HeroEngine as well as all necessary tools and systems to operate and monetize any online game, including all bandwidth and hosting for any game made in the HeroEngine.

Commenting on the agreement, Alexander Goldybin, Co-Founder and CEO of iLogos Europe, said, ‘We appreciate the professional competence and achievements of our partner, Idea Fabrik, and are willing to invest our maximum effort and enthusiasm to meet the needs of developers of online games based on 3D technologies of Idea Fabrik. Together, we are ready to bring amazing new features to users of HeroEngine and HeroCloud, as well as end users of future online 3D games!’

"Given the success of products based on our technology and the impressive experience of our colleagues from iLogos, we expect the most brilliant
results from the joint effort of our companies. This strategic partnership is going to help our licensees bring better looking games to market
faster," said Alex Shalash, Chairman of the Board of Idea Fabrik. "Idea Fabrik is continually adding time-saving systems and resources to the HeroCloud platform to better serve smaller independent developers. One of those systems is an asset store, which iLogos will be crucial in bringing
to fruition."

About iLogos
iLogos is a leading independent game development and game outsourcing company in Europe, providing highIy affordabIe first-class game production services since 2006, primarily for social, browser, mobile and cross-platform games. It has successfully completed more than 300 projects totalling around 200 million installs, 50 million MAU and 10 million DAU. With its over 150 staff iLogos covers all the major aspects of game development, such as art creation and graphic design (20 and 30), programming, ongoing development, project management, QA and additional services like games porting and games optimization. Please visit for more information.




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